Shipping API

Tracking and verification from every carrier, integrated in less than an hour

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Serving, amongst others

  • Royal Mail
  • shopify
  • Magento
  1. RESTful API

    The API gives you easy integration with all the carriers.

  2. Verification and Tracking

    Address verification to ensure accurate delivery. Track packages and give customer notifications.

  3. Save time and Money

    Retrieve and print labels in seconds. We even handle the export licenses for you.

Developer Friendly

Integration to your system is a breeze with Parsel. We offer libraries for Ruby, PHP, Python, Java, and Node as well as many others.

curl \ 
  -u pdVkwVGBCv8cSkQMAGsi92nxpRIn: \ 
  -d 'address[street1]=19 Mandela Street' \ 
  -d 'address[street2]=Camden' \ 
  -d 'address[postcode]=NW1 0DU'

Advanced Analytics

We know how tough tracking hundreds and thousands of packages is. Our simple dashboards provide high and low level visibility across all your channels.


Full Service:

  • Easily integrated
  • Smart tracking and analytics
  • 24/7 support

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